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:: Clients don’t Buy what they can’t See…

                               Show them with Professional Product Photos by Liquid Photography.



Our Service


Centrally located and purpose built, our studio is ideal for shooting the smallest and most delicate of pieces to the most cumbersome products.


From Jewellery to Boats, if you sell it, we’ll shoot it.


Our services include…


• Images for Online Stores

• Website Images

• Point of Sale Material

• Retail Promotions

• Catalogue Images

• Brochure Images

• Packaging



Proofing & Image Approval


You as the client have total involvement in the shoot and are welcome to review the images as they are shot; this ensures we are achieving the highest of your expectations.


You are most welcome to be present at the shoot; alternatively our online proofing process will be sure to keeps you in the loop, every step of the way.


Delivery of your Finished Images


Following every shoot, we require a small amount of time to re-touch and colour correct your images.


This extra step ensures that your finished images reflect real life colour and vibrancy.


Once this step is completed your images will be available to download via our online FTP service.


You will receive an email with a link, allowing you to download your images directly and instantly to your computer.


Image Formats


All your finished images will be delivered in…


• Hi Resolution Print Ready Jpeg Formats

• Lo Resolution Web Ready Jpeg Formats


Should you require a specific size or resolution, we are only to happy to oblige…



Additional Services


At Little to No extra Cost we can…


• Shoot on Various textured background

• Match lighting from previous shoot

• Add Water Mark Logo to your images

• Most reasonable request will be considered




Product Photos by Liquid Photography:  A Product Photography studio in Melbourne


It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words, however it’s great product photography that adds that extra little zing!


A great product photograph speaks to its viewer about the credibility of both the product, and the company selling it.


Keen product photography brings life to items that would otherwise be uninteresting.


Product photography is an essential part of selling any item.


Typically, a company looking to sell a particular item or product will choose a medium that is suitable for its target audience.


If the product photography is effective, it will inherently lead to a direct response from the masses followed by an increase in sales.


If the product photography is not “Professional”, as what seems to be the trend these days, in our “Do It Yourself” society, this reflects unprofessionalism on both the company and the product it is attempting to sell.


As a company, how are you expected to demand a high and profitable price for your product if you don’t put forward a professional clean image?


Let me ask you a very simple question… If you were given the keys to a car, does that make you are a racecar driver???


No it doesn’t, it takes years of practice and experience, not to mention the dedication and knowledge.


All to many times we see and hear about people trying to shoot their own products. Only to spend hours upon hours trying to get the lighting right, the angle doesn’t work or the shadow is very bad, or the flash is terrible etc…


Should you have not spent that time trying to work out your next marketing campaign, settled your books, or basically, “Run Your Business”.


There are various techniques of product photography used to make the product come alive, not to mention the specific equipment required.


Many different techniques include high-speed photography, black & white photography, macro photography, motion blur, RAW processing and many many more.


Our Professional Product Photography Studio in Melbourne utilizes these refined techniques to create spectacularly flawless images.


Our many discerning product photography clients include 2XU Sports Wear, Hafele, Lombard The Paper People, Ernest Hillier Chocolates, Hotel Agencies, Signature Coffee, Ovation Tyres, Organic Skin Care & Many Many More...


A great product photograph connects with its audience and conveys its idea effectively; this is the most essential part of any commercial advertising campaign.


We at Product Photos by Liquid Photography offer a uniquely specialized service to help express your message to your potential clients.


Remember, Clients don’t Buy what they can’t See… Show them with Professional Product Photos by Liquid Photography.